My name is Monika Kubovcová and I work as a coach, mentor, and lecturer. I have been involved in coaching and mentoring since 2008. My journey into coaching began while working in various managerial roles for nearly eighteen years at an international bank. Today, coaching has evolved from being a mere passion to my profession and calling. Working with people means a lot to me because it helps me find meaning in what I do.

My coaching education is rooted in both psychological coaching and a systemic approach. I focus on enhancing my clients' energy and competencies. I continuously invest in my own education, currently undergoing a three-year psychotherapeutic training to expand into therapy in the future. I also conduct seminars, training sessions, and workshops that delve into soft skills.

My client base primarily consists of employees in corporate and startup settings, as well as individuals seeking my services privately. Our discussions often revolve around topics typical of the business world, such as time management, prioritization, stress management, burnout prevention, career growth, workplace relationships, motivation, managerial skills, leadership, and teamwork. Additionally, I help individuals navigate through challenging life situations, crises, and transitions, and assist them in finding purpose and direction in both their professional and personal lives. I work also in the English language and online (e.g. video calls) if needed or preferred.

What my clients value in me:

I provide a safe and confidential space for my clients.

I give them the time and space they need, without unnecessary pressure.

But, when needed, I'm not afraid to address tough issues to help my clients progress.

I offer a coaching experience that's engaging and practical.

I'm looking forward to our meetings and wish you much success in your personal development journey.

Monika Kubovcová

+420 602 621 829